The Tait TB9300 Base Stations are conventional or trunked, IP connected, digital base stations for DMR Tier 2 or Tier 3 networks. The functionality of these base stations allows for flexible network designs and easy migration paths from analog networks to DMR. These spectrally efficient base stations provide a 6.25kHz equivalent operation using 2 x TDMA channels in one 12.5kHz channel, giving you greater capacity now and providing a future path for expansion. The TB9300 also provides operational efficiencies through remote network management and IP connectivity capabilities.


Smooth Migration

Tait has the best migration stories around. The TB9300 and the TB7300 can each be operated in multiple modes. The TB7300 has three modes, including Analog Conventional, DMR Tier 2, and DMR Tier 3. The TB9300 has four modes, and can operate in Analog Conventional, MPT-1327, DMR Tier 2, and DMR Tier 3. You can install the base station to operate on your existing network today, and then upgrade with ease when ready.

Receiver Performance

The TB9300 and the TB7300 offer exceptional receiver performance and exceed or match all other DMR base stations on the market for sensitivity, selectivity and intermodulation performance. This means that the user gets extended talk-in (uplink) range as well as significantly increased resistance to interference for clearer, more consistent audio.

Operational efficiency

The TB9300 provides operational efficiencies through remote network management and IP connectivity capabilities, which includes alarm monitoring and reporting, inbuilt diagnostics, and remote software downloads. It also supports packet data over traffic channels for Workforce Management, Telemetry, SCADA and other applications.


The remote network management is utilized with built-in secure https web server and SNMPV3 support. The TB9300 also offers enhanced security through password protection and access level control on the web server. Multiple user accounts with varying access can be maintained, and audit and system logs can be retained.

Resilient, reliable communications

To give you confidence in your communications in even the most challenging environments, the TB9300 is rated for continuous full output power and ensures continuity of operation with smart AC/DC management. With support for up to two base station software releases, it gives you the ability to roll-back software updates. Like all Tait products, it's built Tait Tough and meets relevant MIL-STD-810G test methods.

Easy to Maintain

The modular design of the TB9300 allows cost-effective deployment, maintenance, and upgrade. It is software configurable, including feature upgrades through software licenses, and software upgrades can add new features and functionalities to ensure that your DMR solution is kept up to date with the ever-changing needs of your organization's environment.


The modular design of the TB9300 base station/repeater makes for easy maintenance, expansion and upgrading. Front-loading modules slip into the 4U subrack, making building the system, replacing a module or accessing a system interface board fast and simple. To enhance the functionality and servicing of the TB9300 base station/repeater, there are a number of accessories and options available including:

TB9300 Reciter

The reciter contains the receiver, exciter and network board, and has the following functions carried out via a state-of-the-art RISC processor and DSP:
  • controlling base station/repeater operation
  • Storing the channel table and other configuration operation
  • holding licenses for optional features
  • collecting faults from other modules and generates alarms
  • running Task Manager

Power Amplifier

The PA is available as 5W, 50W, and 100W modules, and receives the RF signal from the reciter to amplify it to the required level. The reciter controls the frequency based on its channel table and tells the PA what power level to use. The PA then waits for the key-up signal.

Power Management Unit

The PMU is sized to provide sufficient power for one subrack (50W channel or one 100W channel). It offers the following features:
  • power factor corrected
  • can operate with mains supply from 88-264 VAC (no switching required)
  • DC supplies have floating inputs so the supply can be negatively or positively earthed
  • optional auxiliary power output (12, 28 & 48V at 40W) for powering external equipment
  • optional standby module for maximum power saving capability

Network Board

The Network Board provides comprehensive control of a Tait DMR system, including access to multiple interfaces such as Ethernet, line audio, digital inputs and outputs, and also a coaxial relay drive output, Tx Key, and Rx Gate.

Subrack, Front Panel & Control Panel

The TB9300 is enclosed in a subrack with a front panel and control panel. The passivated steel subrack is very compact at 4U high, and is designed to fit into a standard 19 inch rack or cabinet. The front panel incorporates the cooling fans for the PA and the PMU. The user can replace both the front panel and the individual fans if necessary. The control panel is mounted onto the subrack independently of the front panel. It features a microphone socket, controls keys, LEDs, speaker and volume control knob.

Software Licenses

Tait's TB9300 software licenses are used to enable advanced features of the base station/repeater. Licenses are applied on a per-feature and per-reciter basis. This software license system means that you can select and pay for those features that you need rather than buying a base station/repeater with many features you may not use. This gives you the flexibility to add extra features when you wish to simply by upgrading the software.

For a complete list of available software licenses, please contact us.


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